Witness to Hope

witness-to-hope_logoLATEST NEWS on Our Witness to Hope Campaign:

On Friday, July 14, our parish hit a big milestone! The 210th parish household turned in their pledge that got us to $1.53 million in the next five years! That means we are over 75% of our $2 million goal! Way to go, St. John!

Having surpassed the $1.53 million mark also means that 100% of all contributions from this point forward will go to our local parish projects! We have raised the full capped amount of our diocesan share! I know some folks were waiting until we got to this point, not because you don’t want to support Catholic education, Catholic charities, evangelization, and priestly vocations, but because you really wanted all of your gift to support the projects here that we so direly need completed. Well, that time has come!

Please have a look at some great messages some of our lay leaders have offered:
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The campaign is unprecedented in our parish and our entire diocese.  In one campaign, our aim as a parish is to raise at least $2 million in order to continue the Great Commission that our Lord Jesus entrusted to us, his people in the “Mother Church of Jackson,” and to secure the future of our parish and our wider diocese for generations to come!


The diocesan share of our goal will support God’s people through three primary ways:  1) forming our youth and families, 2) evangelization and outreach through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, and 3) caring for priests and seminarians.  More specifically, with the $65 million we hope to raise throughout the Diocese, here are just some of the ways our Jackson area benefits:

  • Local families will receive need-based financial aid to make a St. John School and Lumen Christi education possible for their children.
  • $200,000 of the donations will go to our local Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee, and Hillsdale Counties, the new office of which is on 3425 Francis Street here in Jackson.  They are now providing counseling for marriages and families, as well as the addiction epidemic (drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.) that has hit many communities, including our own.
  • More new evangelization grants will help grow our parish.  Some of those grants already have helped our parish begin outreaches like Alpha and the Called & Gifted Workshop, which have energized the faith life of our parishioners.
  • Through the $4.5 million that will go to a Priest Pension Fund, our funds will help the priests who have served us, like Fr. Jim Shaver.  Through the Seminarian Education Endowment, we will help the future priests who have yet to serve us, like our former seminarian intern, Mark Martin.  It was through such donations that funded me in my service to the seminarians at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and gave us a priest like our beloved Fr. Brian Lenz.


The parish share of our goal will support the various much-needed projects at our three major campuses:  1) St. John Church, 2) St. John School, and 3) St. Joseph Oratory.  Each parishioner, if they choose to do so, can preference from 1 to 3 the case elements that their gift will first benefit.  Selecting one of the three campuses as the #1 priority would mean that their entire pledge would go to that priority until it reaches its subtotal goal.  If that campus has already reached their subtotal goal, the funds will then go to the #2 priority, and so forth.  Selecting “No Preference,” however, will give us the greatest flexibility in having the funds go where they are needed.
Notice there is no “Heritage Hall” priority among the case elements to specifically select.  This is because the bishop wants us to focus first on taking care of the top projects of our current campuses before we go forward with Heritage Hall.  Thus, all funds in excess of the goal amounts for each campus ($385,000 for St. John Church, $550,000 for St. John School and $117,000 for St. Joseph Oratory) will go to a Future Capital Projects Fund, which will fund our Heritage Hall.


If you would like more information, check out the Witness to Hope Campaign website!


Coming soon, more details on the top three projects of each of the three campuses.




On November 15th, many parishioners were able to attend a full presentation about the campaign, and saw how our parish can benefit, an outline of our parish projects, a first look at the blueprints for “Heritage Hall” with architect Jason Covalle present, and had an opportunity to have their questions answered. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact our parish office or submit your suggestion online!
More information is available in these four attachments:


‘Heritage Hall’ – Proposed Floor Plan

‘Heritage Hall’ – Proposed Side View