Stephen Ministry

Caring that changes lives

We are a Stephen Ministry Parish. We are proud to be the first Catholic Church in the Jackson area that can provide this special supportive care for our parishioners.

Stephen Ministers are lay members of our Parish who are specially trained to listen and provide support and encouragement to their fellow parishioners. Stephen Ministry is a confidential one-on-one ministry providing distinctively Christian care for people going through difficult times. The identity of those receiving care and what takes place in each caring relationship remains private.

What care options are open to the Parish?

Care options provided:

  • Crisis care as needed after the death of a loved one, or after a serious illness or an unemployment situation.
  • Chronic care is provided for a long-term challenge, illness or disability.
  • Caregiver care or supportive care is provided for the person providing assistance to a loved one.

Care not provided: (Stephen Ministers are not certified to care for..)

  • Minors, or Couples, Families or other groups.
  • Those suffering with mental disturbances; or severe depression
  • Alcohol, substance abuse, or chemical dependency.

Do you need someone to listen, pray and stand beside you as you go through a challenging time? A Stephen Minister can be there for you for as long as you need them. Don’t wallow in the shadows of loneliness, anxiety or grieving alone because you’re afraid to ask for help.

Help is available by calling the office @517-784-0553, and you will be contacted by a Stephen Leader.