Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical ministers are an important part of all masses at St. John Church.

Most liturgical ministers are members of the lay faithful – meaning they are not ordained, or even in the path to become ordained.

Many children have desire to serve as Altar Servers and often their parents will choose to serve in some capacity too!

Jeromy Alexander creates a monthly schedule for Liturgical Ministers and coordinates training opportunities; please contact him if you’re interested!


Altar Servers

Altar Servers
Boys and girls, going into the fourth grade and above, are eligible for this ministry. Training sessions are held periodically throughout the year.

Mass servers are scheduled for all weekend and Holy Day Masses, at school liturgies, and at times are called upon for funerals and/or weddings.

They are required to arrive sufficiently ahead of time so they can assist the presider with setting up for the liturgy.



Do you have a public speaking voice? A love of scripture?

We have a loyal group of Lectors, and we’re always looking for more!

Our parish provides our lectors with a yearly workbook that includes the readings for every Sunday. The workbook includes pronunciation and emphasis tips, and explanations of each reading.



Ushers are the hidden heroes at every weekend Mass.

In addition to helping with the collection, our ushers welcome our parishioners and guests (and help them find seats as needed.) They open and shut the nave doors, helping to keep the temperature correct, and they help select a family to present the gifts during Mass.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Do you want to partake more deeply in the rite of communion?

Serving as an EMHC is an amazing way to serve Our Lord and our parishioners! Each mass requires five to seven EMHCs (a total of 36 volunteers each weekend!) Many of our EMHCs also volunteer to take communion to the homebound.

Do you feel you’ve been looking for a way to help during mass? We’re always looking for those the Lord has called to serve at His Mass.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the next training opportunity to become a Lector, Usher, Extraordinary Minister, or Altar Server; please contact Jeromy Alexander.