7th Sunday of Easter – Facing Your Fears


Fr. Chas Homily:





Fr. Brian Homily:



6th Sunday of Easter Homilies

Version 2

Fr. Chas Homily:


Stirred by the Spirit



Fr. Brian Homily:


Come, Holy Spirit




5th Sunday of Easter Homilies


Fr. Brian’s Homily:


Happy Mother’s Day





Fr. Chas’ Homily:


The Significance of Fatima Today


4th Sunday of Easter – Jesus the Good Shepherd


Fr. Brian’s Homily – “Is Jesus Your Shepherd?”

Deacon Dave’s Homily – “Who Are You Following?”

3rd Sunday of Easter Homilies – The Walk to Emmaus & the Case for Christ

Journey to Emmaus - Robert Zund 2

In this Sunday’s homilies, both Fr. Chas and Fr. Brian comment on the movie they saw together, The Case for Christ.

Fr. Chas Homily:

Fr. Brian Homily: