Our Homilies: 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

wheat weeds

Fr. Brian’s Homily


Be Kind



Fr. David’s Homily


Bearded Darnel


Our Homilies: 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

15th Sunday pict7ureFr. Chas–Sowing Seeds

Fr. Brian–Friendship with Jesus

Our Homilies: 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

14th Sunday


Fr. Brian’s Homily: God’s Approval Means Everything



Dcn. Dave’s Homily: The Yoke’s on You…Or is it?


Our Homilies: 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

12th Sunday

Fr. Chas’ Homily: Do Not Be Afraid




Fr. Brian’s Homily: Don’t be Afraid to be Vulnerable




Corpus Christi Sunday


Fr. Chas’ Homily:
Life Giving Bread


Fr. Dan Nusbaum’s Homily:
Things We Believe