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Religious Ed begins September 10

Online registration has begun for our Religious Education program (CCD, Sunday School); for those students on Pre-School through 8th Grade who do not attend our wonderful Catholic Schools.

We meet most Sundays in the St. John Elementary School from 10:00 until 11:30 a.m.  Boasting a vibrant and fun gathered assembly each week, our program sets learning objectives for students to memorize certain Catholic prayers, Mass responses and basics of the faith. Silly songs, lots of laughs, practical prayers and interaction make the gathered time a hit with the kids and parents. Students then break off into their grade level classes. This year most students will be using a liturgical-based curriculum; the topics and themes they study will flow from the readings at Mass from each Sunday. We will be launching EDGE, a youth-ministry-style session for combined 6th through 8th graders as well!


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To register online CLICK HERE!  Registration fees have not changed in a few years: $50 for one student; $75 for two; $100 for three or more from the same family. You do not HAVE TO pre-register, but it makes the first day much easier on the catechists (teachers) if we have names in advance. Pre-registration also ensures we purchase enough books and materials.


This year parents may enter and exit with students from TWO doors off the back parking lot of the school: the breezeway entrance we have been using (at the halfway point of the long school building) or the gym entrance, going up the steps.


There is also a dynamic ADULT class for parents while the kids are in their sessions. We will begin in September with the DVD series focused on the Holy Spirit: The Wild Goose.




RCIA in the Fall

RCIA Catholicism101 17-18


RCIA, the process of walking alongside adults who want to become Catholic and join the Church (the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is thriving here at St. John parish! We already have several folks who are committed to seeing the journey to the Easter Vigil, and many others are discerning and prayerfully considering.

Many life-long Catholics ask about refresher courses or “RCIA for those already Catholic.” Our RCIA classes are open to anyone in the parish through CATHOLICISM 101. Starting September 6 we will walk through the basics of the Faith, explaining, defending, praying, talking, discussing—and of course EATING! Please feel free to join us Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:00 in the St. John Community Room!

If you, or someone you know is inquiring, please have them call Todd for a “no-obligation-conversation”! Call the parish office at 517-784-0553 or e-mail



Who Will YOU Invite To ALPHA?

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Food, friends, and faith in a safe environment with no judging. Alpa is an introduction, or RE-introduction, to Christianity. We use it as the first steps of RCIA, the process of becoming Catholic and entering the Church. This is the perfect place to invite that fallen away Catholic relative, the co-worker who keeps asking questions about religion, the friend who needs a helping hand.

Come and see for yourself.

More details? Register? Click HERE!




Special Religious Education

The Jackson region is blessed with a Special Religious Education program for adults and kids who have learning disabilities. For many years the program was hosted at St. John, but currently meets at Queen of the Miraculous Medal school, in their cafeteria on the corner of Bowen and Morrell. Following Diocesan guidelines, the classes include lots of interaction, activities and learning in a safe and nurturing environment. For more information, please contact Jeannette Lienhart at Queens, 783-2748 or

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